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My husband and I have been rescuing and re-homing homeless dogs and puppies for several years now. Most of them are abused and severely neglected when they come to us. Prior to re-homing one of these babies; we give them what they need like medical attention, grooming, food & water, a clean soft place to sleep, training and most of all, LOVE LOVE LOVE. 

Psalm 145:9


Timmy’s first bed-time story

Timmy was one of our rescues, who for some time had been out on his own. He was very thin, his hip bones were protruding, you could count his ribs and his skin was severely irritated. He was loaded with hook worms and was heart worm positive. Timmy came to us in August of this year, the video below was Timmy's first night with us. I sat with him and told him his first bed-time story, this one has a happy ending; or like we prefer to say “a new beginning” Timmy was adopted in the beginning of December; along with another rescue named Sandy. 

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