Many of the homeless dogs you see at your local shelter were obtained by people who did not think through the responsibilities of dog ownership before they got a dog.

Please, do not make the same mistake. Think before you adopt. Sharing your life with a dog can bring incredible rewards, but only if you are willing to make the necessary commitments of time, money, responsibility and love - for the life of the dog...

Things to Think About Before Adopting...

  • Why do you want a dog?

Many people fail to ask themselves this simple question before they get a dog. Adopting a dog just because it is "the thing to do" or because the kids have been asking for a puppy usually ends up being a big mistake. Don't forget that dogs may be with you 10, 15, even 20 years. 

  • Do you have time for a dog?

Dogs cannot be ignored when you are tired or busy. They require food, water, exercise, care and companionship ever day of every year. Many dogs end up in shelters because their owners did not realize how much time it took to properly care for them. 

  • Can you afford a dog?

The monetary costs of owning a dog can be quite high. Training classes, veterinary care, food, grooming, monthly heartworm/flea preventatives, toys and other expenses add up quickly. 

  • Can you have a dog where you live?

Many rental communities do not allow pets and many others have restrictions. Make sure you know the rules before you bring a dog home.

  • Is it a good time for you to adopt a dog?

If you have children under six years old, you might consider waiting a few years before you adopt a dog. Problem-free dog ownership requires children who are mature enough to be responsible. If you are a student, in the military, or travel frequently as part of your work, waiting until you settle down is a wise choice. 

  • Are your living arrangements suitable for the dog you'd like?

Adopting an energetic dog to share your small apartment, for example, is not a good idea - he/she will likely not have enough space to move around in and giving him/her enough exercise will require quite a bit of activity on your part. Choose a dog who will be comfortable in your surroundings.

  • Do you know who will care for your dog while you are away on vacation?

You will need either reliable friends/neighbors, or money to pay for a boarding kennel or pet-sitting services. 

  • Are you prepared to deal puppyhood and or unexpected emergencies?

Scratched-up furniture, accidents from dogs not yet housebroken, and unexpected medical emergencies are unfortunate buy common aspects of dog ownership. Are you prepared to deal with these kinds of issues?

  • Get a dog for life!

Finally, are you prepared to keep and care for the dog for his/her entire lifetime? Sure, it's a long list of questions. But a quick stroll through your local animal shelter will help you understand why answering them before you adopt a dog is so important.

Some of our adopted babies...

Adoption Fee

Rescued dogs are not free. Most rescued dogs require medical attention as many have not had any recent medical attention in their previous situation. Our dogs are fully vetted before they are placed into adoptive homes. They are spayed or neutered, brought up-to-date on their vaccinations, tested for heartworms (dogs over the age of ten months), wormed and started on heartworm /flea preventative. 

Many of our rescued dogs also require veterinary care for various conditions, in most cases our costs exceed the dog's adoption fee. We require an adoption fee of $250 to help us cover these costs. The adoption fee is non-refundable after the 3-week trial of rescuing, providing medical care and placing homeless dogs into their forever homes. 

Our Adoption Process

The first step in our adoption process is the completion of the Adoption Application form. Our Adoption Application form can be obtained by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. Once you have completed the application, email back to us at We review all of our pending applications to make the best possible match between the dog's needs and the prospective adopter's preferences. We focus on the welfare of the dog, as the needs of the dog are our primary concern. 

After receiving a completed application, we will contact the applicant within a few days and begin the approval process. The approval process involves a combination of phone interviews, a veterinarian check, reference check and at times a home visit. For applicants outside our local area, part of the approval process is to obtain emailed photos of an applicant's home, yard, family and other pets. 

We offer a 3-week trial period to ensure that both the family and the dog are happy with the results of the adoption. We feel that this is especially important when there are other canine or feline members of the family. Within that time, we will refund the full adoption fee if the dog is returned. We want to be sure that our dogs will have their perfect forever homes. Every person who is selected to adopt a dog from us will be required to sign our adoption contract. 

Our goal is to help you enjoy life with your new dog. We will contact you by phone or email each week during the 3-week trial period to check in. If issues arise, or you just need some advice on house training, behavior issues, etc.; we will be happy to assist. We love to receive updates with photos from adopters. Seeing our dogs happy, healthy and loved in their forever homes reminds us of why we do what we do. 

We are committed to the life, health and well being of every dog we place for the remainder of that dog's life. If a situation arises which cannot be helped and you are unable to keep a dog you've adopted from us; then you must either return the dog to us or obtain approval to transfer ownership to a friend or relative.