Pascagoula, MS_ On March 29, 2014, someone drove up to a vacant house on Williams Street and dropped off six little dogs, then drove away and never looked back. That was the day six little lives were turned upside down. For days, they waited at the vacant house for their owner to come back. As their tummies ached and rumbled from hunger, they began to wander into the street in search of food. Scared and confused; this pack of six began to stray away from each other. Three went missing and on the third day, two were picked up by animal control. Of the two, one had been hit by a car and was still alive. His buddy stayed by his side as animal control rescued them and brought them to safety. People in the community started to notice these lost little souls and tried in vain to help rescue them. These little ones where terrified and not letting anyone get close to them. That is until the fourth day when a woman named Shannon got involved. She lives next door to the vacant house and agreed to set up a trap on her property. On the fourth day one was captured and brought to the shelter by animal control. On the seventh day, she called to tell us she had captured another one. We took him into our rescue. Now there was only one remaining on Williams Street, Shannon worked diligently everyday on forming a bond with this terrified little guy. She exercised extreme patience and for the next several days, getting closer and closer each day. On the eleventh day she called to say, she had this little guy in her house and was holding him. It was happy tears for everyone. We took that little guy into our rescue as well. As for the last little guy, it was months later, that he was captured and brought to our local shelter. Thank you Shannon for not giving up on those precious babies, because of you they have a new beginning. You truly are a Rescue Angel. God bless you and we love you. Please take a moment to watch the video below of Andy and Will after they were rescued. Thank you.


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We give HOPE to those, who didn't have any... 

We don't turn our back on seniors! We find loving homes; so they can live out their "golden years". We owe them that much.

We are a non-breed specific rescue; which means, we rescue any dog in need, no matter their breed. We don't discriminate!

Deaf, blind or amputees. It doesn't matter the need, they deserve to have the best, and we'll see to it that they do!

Many of the babies we take on have major medical issues. We see to it that they get the medical help needed. 

We are a small group of humans in Pascagoula, MS who are dedicated to saving homeless dogs and puppies. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs from unfortunate situations such as abandoned, neglected or surrendered by their owners. We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity all-volunteer organization: which means, your donation to us is tax deductible!